Skin Health and Youth

Human's facial skin is a virtual road map that reflects what is going on inside the rest of the body.  Chinese medical traditions recognized this long ago. To maintain healthy looking skin, youthful, vibrant and acne-free, it is important to the following:  1. Drink plenty of water; 2. Eat a healthy and balanced diet rich in antioxidants, fiber, and collagen. 3. Eat organic food and avoid foods that are either too oily or full of chemicals toxic to your liver.  4. Maintain sufficient amount of daily sun exposure.  5. Choose natural skin care products and avoid toxic beauty ingredients in your cosmetic products.  The following products have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to nourish skin and improve skin health.   They can be excellent food that have medicinal benefits in treating and preventing acne and to maintain a healthy, vibrant, youthful looking skin.  

  • Goji Berry - High levels of antioxidants and nutrients, great for eyes and skin health; improve immune functions and fight cancers; detoxify liver.  
  • Tremella Mushroom - Named the best all-natural hydrating ingredients for the skin.  Generate a natural flexible hydration film on the skin that reinstates dry skin to its optimally hydrated and mobile state, enabling it to develop elasticity and a fit appearance.   This film experiences very little shrinkage over time which leads to better sensory, more functional moisturizing and anti-oxidation efficiency.  70% dietary fiber in Tremella help filter out toxins, bad cholesterol and protect liver.