Starhaw's Merchant Partner Program

Dear Prospective Distributor:  

Welcome to the Starhaw Merchant Partner Program!   Starhaw's Merchant program provides you with all-natural remedy food/herbal products at wholesale prices  when you make bulk purchases(minimum initial purchase order is $350 and subsequent purchase minimum order amount is $240) to maintain an inventory(if you do not want to keep an inventory, please look at the affiliate program page: consumer education materials that allow you to participate immediately in the fastest growing $7 billion per year health food industry. 

You can be a new startup or an existing merchant with physical or online stores.    The merchant program allows you to make a greater profit per transaction and ensures better product availability to fulfill your customers' orders, but you must carry your own inventory and ship the orders to your customers. 

If you would like Starhaw to keep inventory and process product fulfillment for you please contact to inquire about drop shipping program.  Starhaw will help you fulfill your customers' orders for a fee.  Please fill out the brief information request form below and you will receive a formal merchant program application kit.  

Join Starhaw's Merchant Program and start to increase your income today!  To get more details about the program and sign up, please fill out the form below.  

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