About Starhaw

Ning Yang, Jack, Cofounder of Starhaw and

General Manager of Starhaw based in Basking Ridge, NJ, USA


Dear Health Advocates and Fellow All-Natural Remedy Enthusiasts,  

Welcome to Starhaw!  

My name is Ning Yang(Jack), founder and general manager of Starhaw Herbal Tea Company.  I am a researcher, investigator of traditional Chinese Medicine, advocate for consumer health, author of the Ebook - Recipe Guide to Classic Chinese Herbal Teas and Dishes, creator of a Youtube Channel - Starhaw, with a focus on providing better beverage for everyday health and nutritional needs.   

My Grandfather, Yang Zu You

In 1921, my grandfather, Yang Zu You, a Chinese immigrant in Indonesia, started his import and export business trading Chinese herbs, rice, and dried coconut.  Through hard work, discipline, and perseverance, my grandfather attained success in business.   

My uncle, Zhi Liang You

In 1970's, my uncle, You Zhi Liang, took over the business from my grandfather.  In 1980's my uncle sold off rice and several other businesses in Hong Kong, Philippines and Indonesia to concentrate on Chinese herbs trading business in China. 

In 2016, I carried on this family tradition by learning the trade from my uncle and started Starhaw Herbal Tea company in the United States of America.  

Starhaw stands for Self-Teach All-Natural Remedies (for) Health and Wellness.  Starhaw is built for you! 

Starhaw’s Mission:

We provide herbal ingredients with a history of healing the body to make better beverage for everyday health and nutritional needs of our customers. 

At Starhaw, we believe that traditional remedies which consist of herbs and food can significantly strengthen our bodies’ defenses against diseases.  This belief has stood the test of time from Shennong, venerated father of traditional Chinese medicine,(in ca. 2437 BC) and Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine,(an ancient medical text and the foundation of both clinical and theoretical Chinese medicine completed in CE111, or more than 2100 years ago), to the present day.  One of the key concepts in Chinese medicine first introduced by Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine is connecting nature(seasons and weather) to mind, body, and spirit by means of obtaining nourishment from herbs and food to harness and balance the power of  counter-acting energy forces (Yin and Yang)in our complex bodies to fight diseases and achieve a more holistic health.   This wisdom and many other important teachings of these two giants are as relevant in the modern world as they were centuries ago.  

At Starhaw, we strive to foster a global community of like-minded individuals who seek knowledge, tools, and resources for living a healthy lifestyle.  This website will be a destination for tips on how to use food and herbs as medicine, how to avoid and remove toxins from the body, the root causes and deficiencies behind illness, all natural remedies and more.  We are dedicated to the research, education, advocacy and to making natural remedies easily accessible to you and your family.  

Thank you for being a part of Starhaw Community.  To contact us, please click here.   If you have a success story to tell us after using our product(s), please click here.  


Ning Yang (Jack)