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Dear Restaurant Owners/Retailers:  

Adding Starhaw's herbal teas(Haw Goji combo teas) to your restaurants beverage menu or to your selection of goods can benefit you many folds.   It is a great move! Let me show you why.   you can  The fact that you are reading this page shows that you genuinely care about improving your business.  You have a clean, nicely decorated restaurant, an excellent menu with good quality food, friendly staff,  but you want something extra special that will make you stand out more distinctly from your competition!   Starhaw's Merchant program provides you with very effective tools that will meet your needs. 

Wait a minute!  You say,  "Your products are Chinese herbal teas, but I have a French restaurant! How can I offer a Chinese herbal tea in a French restaurant?  People are going to think that my restaurant is not authentic!   Are these Chinese herbal products safe?"

Can you imagine Italian restaurants serving pizza or spaghetti meatball without tomato sauce?  All authentic Italian restaurants use tomato or tomato sauce as one of the most important ingredients for many of the dishes on their menus today.   But I am sure you already know that tomatoes originated from the Andes in South America.  

According to, tomato was once thought by Italian nobleman as poisonous!  For nearly 200 years, many Europeans were afraid to eat tomatoes.  A nickname for the fruit was the “poison apple” because it was thought that aristocrats got sick and died after eating them, but the truth of the matter was that wealthy Europeans used pewter plates, which were high in lead content.  Tomatoes originated from the Andes, in what is now called PeruBolivia, Chile and Ecuador - where they grew wild.   Most Europeans were unfamiliar with the vegetable and feared the worst.  It is simply a bias that is incorrect and of course was corrected eventually with time.  The truth finally prevailed!


So an important lesson is that do not worry that authenticity of your restaurant will be affected simply because you are serving something new and from a different part of the world.  When you adapt to what is the best for your customers by offering what your customers need before they even realize they need it, you make your restaurant more authentic in your patrons' eyes!  In today's world, according to Center for Disease Control, almost 40% of adult Americans and nearly 30% America's children are over weight.  The most common 3 highest numbers on Americans' annual physical reports are high blood sugar, high bad (LDL) cholesterol, and high blood pressure,  you make a very strong statement that you care about your customers when you offer herbal teas that have great health benefits and have been used as remedies in herbal medicine to treat these common health issues.  You will win your customer's loyalty!  These herbal tea products are grown in remote and pristine mountainous regions or desert regions of China, which are far away from the heavily populated and polluted cities in the coastal regions.  


harvesting goji

Do not be stopped by other people's bias or irrational fear; do not limit your restaurants' possibilities as long as you are confident what you are offering is the best.  Today, with globalization, TV, air travel and internet, we are living in a GLOBAL VILLAGE.  Be the first to introduce to your customers what is best for them from around the world and your customers will remember you and thank you for introducing to them what is the best nutrition(or even remedy) for their health.  Thus you will win fans!

The Starhaw program will provide the best quality herbal tea product for you to sell  beverage drinks at your restaurant, for your customers to buy herbal tea packages to take home, and also earn commission for any additional online sales when customers reorder.  This enables you to increase high-margin beverage sales, increase your average check size as much as $20 to $50,  increase average customer spending per year by $50 to $100, build client retention, and customer loyalty.   If your customers decide to order the products at Starhaw's online store and use your unique discount code to save 10%, Starhaw will receive 15% commission on future sales as well.  

This can be achieved by primarily three all-natural healthy and nutritional products that your customers will love and embrace because it is delicious and will effectively improve their metabolism health.  The herbal teas have pre-made table tents as a sales aide with educational information that will help your customer make a decision when ordering drinks!

1. Hawthorn - An All-Natural Fruit Tea that has a distinctively, pleasantly tart flavor.  It has been called "Nature's Best Medicine for the Heart!"  It cleanses, detoxes the liver and kidney; helps remove the fat, toxins, and bad cholesterol from the arteries; strengthens heart muscles; dilates blood vessels; lowers blood pressure.  

2. Goji Berry - An All-Natural Berry Tea that has a naturally sweet flavor.  It has been called "Number 1 Anti-Aging Superfood."  It nourishes and detoxes the liver and kidney; boosts immune system against the flu and cancer; promote eye, skin and bone health; boosts sexual vitality(for men better sex performance, sperm count and for women more fertility)for a healthier sex life.  

3. haw candyHaw Candy - A Candy with Health Benefit of Improving Digestion.  The recipe for this candy has been around for more than 300 years, originally it was a royal tribute to Chinese Emperor, Kangxi, who used it to improve his digestion after meals.  It was one of his favorite snack.  This can be used as a fortune candy to build rapport with the customers. 

Join Starhaw's Merchant Program and start to receive the benefits today!  To get more details about the program and sign up, please fill out the form below.  

What you will receive when you open a Starhaw's Restaurant Commercial Account:

1. A commercial account number

2. A commercial account discount code which will entitle you to receive up to 60% discounts(off of retail prices on herbal tea products; minimum of $199 per order- net of discounts - is required)when you place online orders at Starhaw's online store.

3. Order Information on marketing material such as table tent herbal tea menus and how to order them and most importantly how to use them to make sales.

4. Pricing Sheet Explanation on Purchase and Markup.

You will also be put on a commercial account mailing list for future promotional offers and announcements.  

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