Yida Haw Candies - A Royal Treat and Digestive Aid!

Yida Haw Candies has a long distinguished history in China since 1600's.  Originally known as the haw fruit leather, haw candy used to be a royal treat to Chinese emperors.  It was many emperors' favorite snack after meals to improve digestion. 

Mr. Li is the founder of Yida Haw Candy Manufacturer.  His ancestors were the original candy makers that invented this candy recipe, perfected the craft, and supplied Chinese royal families with this exquisite treat for generations.   

Today, Yida Haw Candy Maker is one of the largest candy manufacturers in China known for its product integrity and innovations.  


Yida Candy Manufacturer in Northern China

Yida Fruit Leather Cake Candy

Yida Haw Family

Yida Haw Fruit Leather Wrap